Daydreaming Realist: Ipsy/MyGlam October Glam Bag!

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Ipsy/MyGlam October Glam Bag!

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I love October; it's such a beautiful month. I'm happy to see the Glam Bag sneak peeks are right on schedule! I love how consistent MyGlam Ispy is :) I'm really, really loving this bag!

The theme? Bombshell.

The October Glam Bag!

Eyeshadows: It looks like they might be carrying on the eyeshadow theme--awesomeness! We're getting a surprise quad of colors from Coastal Scents! I'm so excited! I love eyeshadow(s)!

With the introduction of the Ipsy site, the colors are supposed to be complementary to our skin tone(s), now, so that's a huge plus. If they're using the quiz we took, then we should get eye shadow colors to go with our answers--bold, natural, adventurous etc. :) The Mirabella eye shadow that we received last month (semi-formal) is wonderful; I use it several times a week.

Mascara: Oh, and there's also a the Balm What's Your Type mascara! :) There's two different formulas, so it will probably we a surprise as to which one we receive. I'm happy with either formula! I love the Balm! Their products are great and so are the fun names!

Hair Product: Couture Colour hair treatment oil--which can be found at Sephora. Loving it! 

Eyeliner: There's an eyeliner from be a bombshell. I love eyeliner, so this is a great addition the bag! I use eyeliner every day :)

Lip Product: Full-size Lip Bomb from Mirenesse. I really like the way it looks :)

Glam Bag: I really like this bag! It's just fun-looking. 

October Glam Bag Sneak Peek #1

"We're bringing out the bombshell in you with October's Glam Bag... and we're pumping you up with a product that will give you the sultry lashes you long for!"

October Glam Bag Sneak Peek #2

"From simple and sleek to bombshell babe, multiple eyeshadows await for the many looks you're bound to create!"

October Glam Bag Sneak Peek #3 (there's 2)

Part A

Photo: Waves, curls, or volume to the max, beautiful bombshell hair is yours this month! Head over to ipsy every day to discover the next sneak peek here: Get your glam bag detective skills going and comment with your best guess!

"Waves, curls, or volume to the max, beautiful bombshell hair is yours this month!"

Part B

"No bombshell is complete without this beauty must-have! "


  1. I really really really hope that the eyeshadows are customized for us!!! :D

    1. Me, toooo! :D God willing, mine will be different shades of chocolate =) Mmm chocolate & makeup.

  2. this is looking like its going to be another awesome bag. septembers was great ! ipsy is doing quite fine by me : )

    1. I think to, too! I love everything in this bag :) Can't wait to see what eyeshadows I/we get! :D

  3. I am really excited about these sneak peeks. myglam sent out a great bag last month and this month seems to be even better. awesome !

  4. This month will be my first bag.... When can I expect it to arrive?

    1. oooh, this is a really great first bag, too! They usually ship around the middle of the month. You'll get an email w/a tracking number. I generally receive mine about a week after it ships :) Hope that helps!


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